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You heard a strange noise at night and notice your parents are missing. You have to escape the terrors of Siren head and escape in this scary horror adventure!

Solve the puzzles in the maze and escape the terrifying sounds. The siren's head will always be close and watch.


Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MoustacheBanana.SirenHeadField

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/siren-head-field/id1527632733

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
GenreSurvival, Adventure
TagsHorror, hunt, jumpscare, night, nightmare, scary, Siren Head, sirenhead, terror


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This game is good but, I have a question. Why was this game removed from the App Store (sorry if I sounded mean)?

Made a video essay on this game hope you all enjoy!

Não entendi o que tem que fazer nesse jogo!
The game is not bad but there are some things that could be improved, they would have to improve the maze generation system because I had to open and close the game more than once to restart the maze because the puzzles were not connected to the maze but The game This one is pretty good, it's one of the few siren head games that can be scary when you play it for the first time.

nice game!

La 7èmes vidéos de cette série d'horreur 3 pour 1 et voici les titres . - SirenHead Field --------------------------- Vous êtes à la recherche de vos parent dans un champ de blé mais quelque chose d'énorme vous surveille. - Night Time Visitor --------------------------- Vous êtes enfermez dans un bureau style avocat et une merde vous traque si vous répondez au téléphone. - Game for Anna ------------------------------ Vous jouez à cache cache dans un labyrinthe fait en carton pour enfant et la façon de sent sortir n'est pas si facile que l'on le croit.

i played through the whole game hyped about day 7 and i was disappointed when i saw there was no day 7, when will you add day 7.


3 Long Years still no Day 7?

Bug with planes

3 Long Years still no Day 7?

The door won't open despite me clicking the E button.

Endless siren head...


is multiplayer?

i love siren head !

It‘s cool game.

I like it but was a bit buggy and so I could only play a bit

I spent over 5 months making this video and now you have to watch it, this is truly the WeeWoo man at his finest 

when it says "Wake Up Your Parents" on Day 1 accompanied by the icon the press button "E", I press "E" and the door does not open.

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Still No Day 7? 

Not available on my region for iOS.(Portugal). Seems pretty interesting. Will it be available?

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Siren head´s character concept is very captivating. 

I enjoyed playing this. 

I love Siren Head. Any release date for SQUID GAME? Very popular.

this was a hard game to bea

the final day, finally!


best opening so far extra spoopy

3 Scary games, I dont know if it was me but it was breaking and messing up alot. 

The big Boi is always there, hes just everywhere

I left my review at the end but overall I had fun!


zardy's maze but with siren head


sirenhead was created by trevor henderson (@slimyswampghost on twitter) if anyone was wondering! pls give credit next time :3

the quest to complete the game day 3 (it will be done!)


after playing this game with years of training I finally did it, I beat the second level :')

i need a mac version :

Great game, a lot of fun. Siren Head is a super cool creature. Nice how they added the puzzle elements and I always enjoy a scary maze. 

after playing this I never wanna see sirenhead again it just unbelievably hard!




this is  a stupid game what I see in  the wold

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