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good game, I never played among us but, I enjoyed this!!!

i have 32 bit pc can i run it?

can sameone help me i downloaded the game when i double click on it it says you can't execute it

Very fun and addictive game!

Good game.

This game is so funny!

By the way, I've collected all the HATS in INVENTORY.

I would be happy if there are more COLOR and HATS to be added.

I am pretty sure this is the same game I played in this video right...? Hard to keep track of where I got my games downloaded from sometimes XD

If this is the same game page I downloaded the game, I played in this video, from then this is a cool Among Us horror game. Just doing tasks and hope you don't get eaten. Only criticism I can think of for this game is that... either there are not enough enemies to keep the stakes high or the enemy's radius in which you're within... he gets you when you're a little distance away rather than if you're close to him. Maybe the distance allows for him to get his little tongue out but I dunno LOL. Anyway, nice game for me to play when I am slowly coming back to doing these "3 Scary Games" videos

yes that is the same game, they updated the models and made them worse

oh my god scare OK

didn't make it far

RoomCodes dont work and i cant find my friends game


Can I have a version where you are an Among Us guy?

why is amogus so terrifying


Show post...

no mac port :(


among us, but CAT


damn this is the most original game I've ever seen

god damn this creepy has hel


how do you kill



Great game, but far less great since you changed the graphics. Please change them back!

but then it would be a bunch more difficult to run and ppl who have crappy computer's wont be able to play it

this is wow

it keeps saying Error - Download Error

so i cant play but i used a apk file

can you make a 32 bit ver pls

also can you make the imposter kill anim more scary bc its spooky for the first part then you just go

Can you make it look like the old models with normal crewmates and the other imposters


This was a lot of fun! I miss the old models though. Was it a copyright thing? 

no it wasn't a copyright thing, innersloth allows people to use their models for anything, but in the old impostor hide mobile versions it was named "amonguscat" so i guess it makes sense, kinda like a leak or something


can you make it look like among us again

sussy cats-posters


amogus sus


I love the game but I really missed the old character designs... ;-;

esta muy bueno :D :O


I can see this at some point being placed on steam. I do hope to see more out of this game as it is indeed interesting and horrifying. 

Alguien sabe en qué país se puede jugar el juego en android?

Nice game bro

ya lo jugue en android

sussy imposta from amongus

everyone knows how many levels have this game? 

this is a good gameplay in spanish hehe

One of my friends are on another part of the game while the 3 of us can play



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