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Hide from the scary impostor or he will kill you. In this scary horror game you are a ship mate on a space ship and your mission is to finish all the quests without getting caught. The imposter gets smarter and faster every level.

Don't make any noise it may provoke the imposter. You can hide under tables and corners if you think the imposter is on to you.


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is there multiplayer???

never mind

why you change the crewmates to cats :(


they prob had to change it cause of the original among us team. prob some copyright problems

oh ok its fine

The Is Scary when u first play it

poggers game atleast

(1 edit) (-4)

thx guys for 90 views...means a lot to me.

can my video get 120 views and a extra subscriber?

that would be kinda cool tho

THANKS FOR 170 VIEWS GUYS...another milestone reached!

I love this game


my mouse keeps looking up is there a fix

(1 edit)

thats just your mouse mine fine

Sequel when???

Good concept! Enjoying so far : )  Great job! 

Yes, good concept, stealing someone elses intellectual property.

Epic game

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There is only one word that describes this game FANTASTIC!! Really what an amazing game of Among Us where we play as the last crewmate in the ship and being chased down by the imposter. Man if this was multiplayer and had the other maps it would make the game even fun to play. Other than that it was great.

Do give this a watch that would be great. Don't forget to subscribe and like the video as well. Thanks

A fun horror version of Among Us where you're the last remaining crew member on The Skeld you must try to avoid the Impostor with hiding places and complete your tasks without being caught the difficulty goes up each level  5 out of 5 definitely recommend playing.


wow, making money off of among us. Make a game that YOU made not that someone else made and you remade.


This game is insane, perfect, played it for hours with my friend, it is a really creative and good game.

There's only one thing that i didn't like about it, it doesn't has a multiplayer mode, if you guys that created the game could also try and put, there's no need, at least in my opinion in a online mode with one of the players being the impostor, only a co-op mode would be amazing, thank you i loved you game, and if that's possible, thanks again


I agree, it would me awesome if the game had one online coop gamemode

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Nice game but Could you add a multiplayer feature if that is possible. Such as multiple crewmates with there own tasks or maybe a player can BE the imposter.


wait why'd all my levels reset?

cool game

Great work. We loved it. Also died a lot. LOL

good game! very engaging, here's my gameplay! 

I love these terrible horror games.

(1 edit) (-3)

really good game bro...the graphics are good and the impostor is kinda creepy tho ngl...pls watch my gameplay video and leave a like, subscribe if you want.

CAN MY VID GET 100 VIEWS? that would the awesome!



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how many total levels are there in game?

too sad innersloth team isnt getting in contact, like the game danidev did

I love this game. I ended up playing it for 3 hours when I thought I was gonna do a simple 30 minute video for it. I just have to say that the imposter is a bit slow but maybe that's just because I'm still too low of a level. Still an amazing game and I hope to see more from this developer!

This game is worth the play wish the Imposter can vent in this game so I can get a huge scare out of myself at the same time mighht be frustrating I am glad this game is fun super different. Keep up the good work

this game is lowkey addicting and caught me off guard with the monsters and jump scares! 

This game caught me off guard a few times and i almost lost my soul lol. Great game keep it up 

Really well made and a great horror spin off!

Made me shit myself multiple times and that's all you want from a horror game really!

heres my playthrough, really liked the game, hope you enjoy :)

This is actually a decent game. I had fun



Game is so great I had to make another vid for it! Reaaallly hope you're able to keep going with it!

Nice game! Consider participating in our Mobile Summer Jam! https://itch.io/jam/mobile-summer-jam-2021

It's OK. I wasn't impressed.

pretty su


lol its fucking among us 3d


j'ai trouvé ca (i find that):

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