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The imposter is after you! You are in a scary maze and need to find the milk that will give you the power to fight the buff imposter. The creepy buff impostor can hide behind any door, so be careful.

In this nightmare horror game we paid special attention to the difficulty levels, also the maze changes with every adventure! Only a few players will manage to beat this difficult horror game!

You have to be smart and avoid the buff imposter at all times. You will level up overtime, can you surpass the buff impostors strength?


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It's a good game except for the fact that I got stuck between 2 rooms for like 5 minutes, the only way I got out was letting the buff dude hit me.

I had so much fun!

very sexy. i'll admit, i let the imposter catch me several times... on purpose.

Simple but a delight! 

I think what you we're going for was translated very nicely here. What I was really caught off guard by was the doors changing every time you went through them. One door "Stop" and then the same door would hold some masterful wall art of the imposter.

I got around to level 10 as it was fairly easy but I only included my playthrough going to level 6/7. 

Overall great job! Interested to see what other among us title you have in store 🤣


11/10 crapped myself

Really fun to play. Another interesting spin on the Among Us universe. Great job Dev.

I honestly had so much fun recording this game!! I love the randomness and deceiving aspects of this game! I honestly can't wait to play more hahaha! Great job dev! ;D


Loved this game.  Scared the mess out of me with the Fathead impostor sticker lmao 

This game was fun lmao had a good time and I got jumpscared about 20 times🤣

So... this game...

It activated my fight or flight response.

5 out of 5 GOTY

This was such an amazing and fun game to record while playing! thank you so much for the time and effort that you had put into this game! This video I created is one of my favorites.

Nice game, it works but i recommend to add more scary things ( ̄︶ ̄)↗ 

sussy baka

That game was really good lmao I got jumpscared every time I opened a goddamn door ! good job :)

Btw I'm trying to reach 40 subs so if you enjoyed the video it would mean the world to me if you considered subscribing to my channel :)

This is an Among Us like game but with a twist. You are running from this really HUGE red dude who has this incredible punch power and he can break walls. This is a scary maze of loops that is always changing. You have to find the milk to complete the level. Will I survive the red Monster??? Find out in this video. I really loved this game, that big red guy chasing me is scary as hell. Thank you for making this, hope to see more from you.

Multiplayer? btw really enjoyed the game!

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I had a lot of fun. I was scared way more than i should have too. Anyway great job on the game.

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THIS GAME IS TOO SCARY. could not play it for long good job on this one MUCH better than the other one ( it was the last game i played)

Really cool game. I love how subtle the map changes are.


Should I be concerned or impressed that someone made this?

This is awsome!

Made a video on this game 


Someone paid a $25 license to put this on Google Play....

it would be cool if, when the player collected the last milk, he needed to find a way out!


I featured this in my video 

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this game is not free so NO do not play this game 

 This game is legit people 

Very fun game and scared the shit out of me! Best Among Us horror game I've played so far! 

this is honestly better than the original.     IGN - "Would Clap Again🍑"

ngl, i would smash buff Imposter-san


You need help. Go see a doctor.

Hey MoustacheBanana. I was playing to get the "ending" but seriously what and where is the ending? I got up to stage 38 and level 20 lol. Is there even an ending to your game? Just curious so I can stop trying if there isn't.

Loved Playing it 

This was interesting 😂😂

is the sensitivity setting bugged or what? lowering it barely seems to do anything and the default sensitivity is way too high.

I lost my voice from screaming. I don't do well with being chased. This wasn't supposed to be that scary!! Great job. BUT ARE THERE REALLY 2 IMPOSTERS OR IS HE REALLY FAST BECAUSE WHAT?!?!?

 Here's my playthrough! 

Swole imposter was an interesting experience.. 

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