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love it thank you so much fun 

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Fun game love it 👍


game was actually really good like the disturbing atmosphere


i had a lot of fun playing it and scared me a bit



I'm glad I got to play this game this year and hope you all have a great Merry Christmas

This game is wild 

Hi ! I'm actually on the level 30 ! Is there infinite levels ? (I hope that there is infinite levels !) 

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Man idk why everyone's shi*tting on the monkey so much like they hate him and he's annoying and all that like he's so freaking cute man XD(and if u keep the gun pointed at him for long enough he'll think that u're in love with him(yes that's what he actually says XD)):"You still didn't do it."

"Seems like you are scared?"

"What's holding you back?"

"Oh.I get it.You are in love with me."



Seriously tho he really is the cutest thing ever.Like when have u ever seen a monkey wearing overalls before XD he looks like a freaking factory worker lol(or now that I think about it a Squid Game contestant,since they also have similar styled shirts lol)

Gameplay en español

An amazing take on the backrooms. Loved it. Good job dev XD

É, o jogo é bacana inicialmente, te dá alguns sustinhos mas então passa a ficar repetitivo.

Caso alguém queira dar uma olhada, eu joguei em live lá na Twitch e postei no YouTube para quem quiser ver ^-^

I played your game in my backrooms horror games video! Yours is the 16th game in the video if you're interested in my opinions. Thanks for making it!

This game is chaotic and creepy in the best way possible. I made it pretty far! 🍔 🐒

un el mono se llama pedro y es de un programa para niños japones que se llama niños en crecimiento lo se porque cuando era muy pequeño mi padre me ponia los capitulos en youtube

ñañañaññ ajajjaja

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I just seen this on YouTube and thought I'd have a go at it. Had no idea the monkey's voice could change though, was a bit confused when he spoke in a female voice haha

I also got it on my phone and the monkey also has a female voice but it has a French accent? It is insane that it can change like that haha

This is what gaming is made for, getting chased by a buff dog in abandoned mazes searching for burgers while dealing with an omnipresent monkey

Played it on stream

By far the scariest thing i have ever player, this is not a joke. I haven't gotten past the first level

We had a lot of fun in this never-ending, crazy game!

Its really weird that the Monkey is not talking

I'm sure thats some kind of a glitch...



What a game!! I thought the internet meme will not become this evil. I love when you can find a weapon to shut up that talking stuffed toy monkey. 

Its The Backrooms but its Buff Doge, 10/10



I had fun with this! definitely gonna play this in the future and the buff imposter. Keep it up😁
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Had an extremely fun time playing buff doge. Simple, scary and overall fantastic. Monkee was a great addition ! Only wish more scary games like this were out there !

Very fun and creepy game

Nice work

its very fun to kill the monkey

10/10 would recomment

This game is really fun tu play! Coll game :)


This game contains nothing but pure horror. Every single level I was trying to beat made me piss my panties. Buffed doge is the creapiest creature ever existed. I don't know how I'll recover after this expierience. The buffed doge will be haunting me for the rest of my life. One day he will catch me. He is everywhere. He is every shadow in my room. He is a voice in my head. He is standing next to my bed right now. He is coming clos...


yo this dog swole 😲

Its doge but buff

I had fun with this!

Great game tbh


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